Remember “You are not alone” / Embark on your new journey with ease, grace and confidence

Starting on a new journey is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying. If you’re leaning more toward the “terrified” end of the spectrum and you feel that maybe you should really hold off for a while… change your perspective.

You are actually reinventing yourself every single day, because every single day you are making choices. You’re always in motion.

Reinventing yourself is not necessarily a “new” journey per se, but a course correction where you decide to alter the trajectory you’re currently on so that you end up with the outcome you really want instead of the default.

Or, it could be dramatic.

But underneath the changes you desire, there is one constant: you.

Imagine yourself at the center of a circle that represents your life experiences – your circumstances. The word circumstance means to “stand around.”

To effectively change the nature of the circle, you can’t reach out and paint it a different color because the circle reflects who you are.

You can’t try to move yourself to a different location (you will still be at the center).

You can’t try to rearrange the people or situations because they will all move right back to where you believe they should be.

You can’t make any lasting or meaningful changes without first changing your beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, and thought habits.

This is where you come into your personal power and start to play with the idea that you are the creator of your life experience.

It’s exhilarating to become a deliberate creator through the power of your mind and finally understanding the true essence of cause (you) and effect (your circumstances).

It’s also no easy feat. But you are never alone. You are always guided.

There is intuitive guidance if you’re willing to listen to it… your amazing inner wisdom that truly knows what is best for you… and you will listen to it more, as you become more attuned to it and learn to trust it.

There is the guidance you receive from your results – the ‘love children’ of your beliefs, thought habits, feelings, and subsequent actions. This feedback is often humbling but it’s your best indication of your inner reality.

There is also external guidance – other people – which helps you make sense of it all. It’s difficult to observe oneself non-judgmentally. It’s hard to be disciplined about self-mastery. It’s hard to not be so influenced by external reality and believe the affirmations you are saying. Having someone to hold you accountable will accelerate your progress.

You have these three guides. You are here! Together, we can help you embark on this journey with ease, grace, and confidence.

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