Prepare and embark on your journey

“Tomorrow” often seems much better as the time to get started on a big goal. It’s surprising that this is often the case even when you’re super excited about what’s ahead. Plan your goals, mini-goals and daily actions, but at some point you have to quit planning and start doing.

Stop waiting for the unicorns to show up.

Why put off doing what you want until everything falls together? Why wait until the stars align, or you have more time, or more money, or the kids are grown, or you finish this one thing and that other thing… Why delay until you feel ready? Are you really going to wait for a big flashing neon sign that says, “Go”?

There will always be bills to pay, toilets to clean… and the stars only line up every 38 years or so (I just made that up but you get the point).

Ten years will pass no matter what. You could still be waiting for the perfect time to start. Or, you could be living the dream. It’s your choice.

To prepare yourself for the journey without delaying another minute, embody your dream.

If you ask, “When can I say, ‘I am an (x)’?” where (x) is your dream career, the answer is, now.

For example, if you are a photographer in your mind, you are a photographer (you’re just not a money-making professional… yet). Talk about how much you love doing the kind of photography you want to specialize in. Talk about how you enrich people’s lives through your images (even if you’re currently not receiving monetary compensation, you still make someone feel through your photography).

Just like any other professional, you don’t go around bragging how many customers you have or how much you’re making. That’s not what ‘being’ something is all about. ‘Being’ something means living it and when you talk about your life, you talk about experiences and feelings. Talk and act as if, and one day soon, you will be!

If you ask, “When can I start doing (x)?” the answer is, now.

If you want to start a business, write out a business plan today. If you want to paint, buy some paints and a canvas today. If you want to sell your creations online, set up an online marketplace account and photograph some of your best work today.

There is magic in action. As Einstein says, “Nothing happens until something moves.”

Start living that dream today. Plan out a few steps you can do immediately and go do them. Don’t wait for the unicorns to show up!

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