Maintain hope, faith and trust in your survival skills

It’s been estimated that it takes the average person around 5 years to reinvent themself.

Don’t let that overwhelm you, because it’s not a linear process!

Year one, you’re flailing. You’re still reeling from “what is” and you’re ready for a big change. You may or may not be totally clear on what you want. You’re starting to take a few tentative steps forward. It’s scary. It’s overwhelming. You feel helpless but you’re still zooming along on the rocket fuel of passion and idealism.


Tip: Slooooooow down. Think baby steps instead of giant leaps. Not as sexy as a flamboyant and big sudden self-reinvention, but also not as volatile. Remember the hare and the turtle? Be the turtle.


Year two, you’re starting to connect the dots… and run into challenges. You’re figuring it out step by step: whom to talk to, where to find answers, what to do next. You’re busy doing something every day that is taking you toward your goals. You may have encountered the first of several major obstacles.


Tip: trust yourself. The mantras, “I will figure it out” and “I have enough” can keep you away from the edge of the cliff.


Year three, you’re getting good enough to start making money. It might not be a living yet, maybe still a side gig, but oh boy is it encouraging.


Tip: Build on your successes. Use your newfound confidence to push the limits even further.


Year four, you’re becoming established as the go-to, you start to feel that you’re finally gaining mastery of something, and you’re staring to make a living doing what you love.


Tip: Do more of what works.


Year five, you finally feel like you’ve made it. You’re living the dream.


Tip: Stay hungry. Never get complacent.


Disclaimer: there is no timeline. This is just an illustration to help you see the potential IF you stay consistent with your actions. It’s no use giving it all for a year or two and then giving up in frustration.

Most people get intensely frustrated in years 1-4. “Why isn’t it happening yet? Why do I feel invisible? Why do I feel like a fraud?”

That’s okay. Just keep going.

Give your seeds time to bear fruit… but if you’re frustrated to the point of hating it… do something else. There is no rule that says you must do this One Thing until the day you die. You can reinvent yourself many times throughout your life!

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