Life Coaching

You want to serve the world in your unique way — the way that ONLY YOU can. And you want to have plenty of time, money, and energy for the people and things you love most while still expanding your business to serve at its greatest capacity.

Currently, that might all seem far away, and you’re wondering when you’ll finally hit your stride and feel the momentum shift from hustle to ease … but it just hasn’t happened yet.

You work a lot on your life and business and think about it constantly, but sometimes at the end of the day, you might feel like you haven’t really accomplished anything significant. You wonder: What should I be working on? What things will move me forward the fastest? When will I start feeling and seeing the success I want? When will I have the time, energy and money I wanted when I got started?!

You see others who seem to have it all figured out — they’re working 3 days a week, have a 6 or 7-figure business and seem to be truly enjoying their lives outside of work — but you don’t know how to get there, and you don’t know what’s missing that’s keeping you from that goal.

My intention is to help you push beyond whatever is holding you back from living — happily, abundantly, and overflowing with love, grace, and spiritual connectedness.

Together we’ll identify your genius, strengths, passions, core values, and flow to assure you’re pointed in a direction that’s aligned with your natural gifts and your heart’s desire — and likely to achieve the highest and best wins in your life.

We start with my Life Satisfaction Survey which will help me learn your likes, dislikes, issues, concerns, changes, goals, achievements. We’ll establish where you are and where you want to be in physical health, mental and emotional health, your career, fi-nancial stability, marriage and romance, your home life, friends and social life, recrea-tion and relaxation, your physical, and your spiritual well-being.

Then we’ll reflect on, craft, and take action on many aspects of your life, including but not limited to your emotional, physical, social, professional, love, social, experiential and family well-being, as well as earnestly consider what kind of legacy you wish to leave behind.

When our work is done, you will have built a solid foundation, a blueprint from which to grow and flourish holistically. And even when something else pops up that may be dragging you down, you’re better able to identify and course-correct it.

I’m delighted to walk this journey together!

Get ready for some deep spiritual shifts and life-changing tools highly likely to be game changers for you! If you’ve ever struggled with feeling “blah” about your life, or not being sure you’re on the right path, then you’ve come to the right place. This journey is anything but leaving your quality of life and happiness up to chance.

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