Display courage, conviction and confidence

Do you think of confidence as a trait that others have but you don’t?

The truth is, confidence comes after you take the chance. It comes after you take a deep breath and step into the unknown, even if you’re terrified.

How do you even start, if confidence comes from doing?

Here are 6 things that will empower you to take that first step.


1.  Prime

Hold a Power Pose – arms and legs making an “X” shape while looking straight ahead for 2 minutes. This stimulates the production of testosterone, which is a key component of confidence and energy in both men and women. Don’t worry, ladies, this tiny spike of testosterone won’t grow hair on your chests – but you will feel more powerful!

Bonus: do the Power Pose with a smile. Even a fake, forced social smile will quickly become a genuine mood-boosting smile within 2 minutes!


2. Move

Hold yourself in a way that exudes confidence. Stand tall, eyes straight ahead, shoulders back. Walk with purpose, like you have someplace important to go.


3. Ride

Emotions are transient electrochemical responses to thoughts (sexy, I know). The whole process, from thought to physical response to regaining your calm state, takes about 90 seconds IF you don’t focus on the thoughts that generated the emotion.

Manage your fear by riding out your emotions. Focus your attention 100% on the experience (sweaty palms, racing heart, etc.). Do not give any attention to your thoughts. Let the feelings pass (90 seconds max). Bravo! You felt your emotions without reacting to them!


4. Imagine

Worry is choosing to give your attention to imagining what can go wrong. Choose to imagine what can go perfectly! Mentally rehearse an empowering situation such as standing on the podium calmly delivering your speech and being thanked by the audience.


5. Calm

Shut down stressful thoughts almost instantly by closing your eyes, and turning them slightly in and up, as if you were looking out through your “third eye,” just above and between your eyebrows. Without straining, hold your eyes on that spot while breathing deeply.

Breathe: start with a deep, forceful exhale through your nose, exhaling stress. Let the inhale take care of itself, gently and slowly. Each forceful outbreath releases stress; and each inbreath, which you allow to happen on its own, is soft and peaceful. Continue until you feel calmer.


6. Act

Never wait too long to take action. Don’t give yourself time to come up with 101 excuses why you can’t! Just do it. (Safety first, of course).

These are some powerful tips for feeling more confident in the moment – just long enough to take action and build your confidence through action.

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