Discover the Leader in you / Seize the moment

For most of our lives, we have all had the relative luxury of being guided as teachers, parents, bosses tell us what we should do next.

It’s natural that when it comes to reinventing yourself, you may feel uneasy. Suddenly you’re the one making the big decisions and totally responsible for the outcome. That’s exhilarating, but also intimidating.


Here is how to discover the leader in you so that you have the confidence, boldness, wisdom, and drive to seize the moment.

The secret to becoming an effective leader – whether you’re a leader of one or many – is not being a dominant person who tells others what to do.

Any personality type can be a great leader. The trick is to know yourself. What are you good at?

Are you a great communicator who can get people excited about your vision?

Are you a great listener who understands people’s needs better than they do?

Are you the matchmaker who connects the right people?

Are you the hands-on doer who inspires others through dedication and action?

Are you an introvert who excels at critical thinking and enjoys complex problem solving?

Do you have exceptional organizational skills and can map out a plan that isn’t based on guesses and hopes, but on reality?

Are you a creative thinker who doesn’t feel bound by “logic” and “reality” and invents solutions that are out of the realm of possibility for most people?

Leadership is the ability to guide people; but more than that it’s the ability to leverage everyone’s collective wisdom and expertise toward a common goal, whether you lead a team or you work with a motley crew of independent outsourcers.

You cannot do it all, and you shouldn’t! It’s okay to rely on others; and knowing you’re supported makes fast critical decision-making a lot easier.

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