Change your ways and thought processes /Know and live your vision/mission

Reinventing yourself begins on the inside. There’s no point in changing the outside world if the inner world is still stuck in an unsupportive story that undermines your best efforts to live your dream.

When you change your inner world – literally, when you “change your mind,” your outer world will follow. Here’s how:

Tell a better story.

People often give all kinds of wonderful reasons for why they haven’t achieved their goals and they aren’t successful, happy, married, healthy, or rich. For example:

“I can’t start a business because I have to wait until my kids are out of the house.”

Does that sound familiar? Have you ever said that, or something similar?

The truth is, you are telling people (and yourself) why you can’t… but it’s not because you CAN’T, it’s because you WON’T.

You just don’t want it badly enough. And that’s okay! Just be honest with yourself, because “I can’t” is extremely dis-empowering. If just one person has done what you want to do, it can be done.

If your heart isn’t on fire about this particular goal, you won’t give reasons why you can do it, you’ll give excuses why you can’t.

And it’s okay if you’re not on fire about that goal… just be honest with yourself about that!

Don’t knock yourself down by telling yourself you can’t.

The more you tell the “I can’t” story, the more it affects everything you do, and the more it prevents you from doing what you want to do.

The words “I can’t” limit your whole life!

Really examine why you are telling yourself and others why you can’t do something.

If you’re trapped in a sad “I can’t” story that’s stuck on a loop… just stop rationalizing why you can’t.

Admit that you can, but you won’t; admit that you can, but you don’t know how (yet); admit that you can, but you’re scared.

If you really want something, know that you will find a way!

Living your vision and mission means saying YES to it, not diluting it with reasonable-sounding excuses. Sometimes it’s going to be a big struggle, and sometimes, you will cry tears of frustration or rage. Keep finding ways through or around. Keep telling yourself, “I can.”

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